Sound Portrait Video

My new EP collaboration with Lyrics One is now finished!  This is the first behind the scenes video for the project here. We are hoping to release the EP as a free download within the next couple months or so.  Check out the free download of our single “For You” here.  Please give us feedback and keep checking back here for exclusive details!  Peace!

New music and projects!

I have been extremely busy working on various music projects.  In case you missed it, here  is a run down of the music I have released over the last month or so.  There is still a lot more to come!  I produced all of the songs below…enjoy! All the above are free downloads as well, just follow the links.

1. This is the second single from my EP project with Lyrics One entitled Sound Portrait…coming out next month. The song is called ”For You” featuring Carlos Romo on the chorus…

2. This is a collab I did with DJ Aktual (L.A.) and J. Givens (Las Vegas) called Shoulder Bliss.

3. The last but not least is a collab I did with my homie Change (Michigan) called Run Tell Dat.

4. I am now apart of a group called the Church Funk Collective, stay tuned for more details  on this collective of very talented singers and musicians.  We have a show coming up on Labor Day Weekend in Long Beach…click here to find out more.

Sound Portrait new single leak! Available now

I am very excited to announce that the new single “For You” from my forthcoming EP with Lyrics One entitled (Sound Portrait) is now available for free on my bandcamp page! This song is featuring my good friend Carlos Romo on the chorus!  Shout out to our boy Uneak on the artwork too!

If you like what you hear, please help us promote this new single!! This is an indie/ grassroots movement and we could us all the help we can get.  This project should be released in late August/ early September 2012!! You can hit us up anytime on Twittter at Lyrics One & myself and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!!

Finally mixing!

My new collab EP project with my boy Lyrics One called Sound Portrait is now in the mixing stage!!  I am really excited about this project. We put a lot of hard work and long hours into this and hope to see people blessed by it. Stay tuned!!

Working hard!

What up everybody?!  I have been working like a mad man as of late!   I took on a mixing project for a mix-tape that will be releasing real soon.  I am also in the process of finishing my EP project #SoundPortrait with Lyrics One…we are really close!  We should hopefully have this out by the summer!  For those of you looking to collaborate, check out the exclusive beats posted on the sound cloud page.  The sound cloud also has a bunch of free music by yours truly as well.  Keep on checking back for updates. God bless!

New music coming!

What’s up everybody? Sorry I have been MIA but my wife and I just welcomed our third daughter into the world! She is beautiful and doing great. So I have been on a little vacation the last couple months… However, we are set to start the final recording sessions for the Sound Portrait (EP) next week! I am really excited about this EP (with Lyrics One) and cant wait to share it with you all.  There is a video with studio footage we will be releasing in the coming weeks.  Please keep this project in prayer, that God would use it for his glory!  Please stay tuned and check back frequently. Until then, check out the soundcloud page below.  Peace and God bless!

New beats & Turkey?!

What’s up y’all! I have been extremely busy. Last week I had a great recording session with my boy Lyrics One. We had a full day of recording and we got a lot finished. We have been hard at work on our collabertive project called Sound Portrait! I am really excited about this record and can’t wait to start mixing it! We should have some snippets of the album and video footage up real soon. We still have a little more recording to do but the majority of it is done and will hopefully be released this year! Amongst working my fulltime job, maintaining my family time as a husband and father and working on music, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving! I (personally) need to be more thankful and greatful for all that God the father has done for me through his son Jesus! Thank you Lord for using me! On a side note, I uploaded some new beats too, so please stop by the “beats ” section and check them out over the holiday weekend. Have great weekend and be greatful to the great I AM!

The life and times of Dave Santos…LOL!

What’s up everybody! I hope all is blessed.  I am updating/ upgrading the website, so please keep stopping by for the newness. Though its being revamped, the site is fully functional and all sections of the site are up to date! The beat section will have free downloads and new beats posted weekly!  The discography is being updated gradually. Please go to the contact page for beat inquiries.  Look around and enjoy some music. My debut album STAGES is currently available for purchase/ download at sphere of hip-hop or through the contacts page and reply to “hard copy of STAGES” ($10.00-paypal)/ and also for free at bandcamp.  My album can also be previewed in the “discography” section too. I have a lot of new music coming out within the next few months and some surprises, so keep checking the site.  I gotta get back to work…