New beats & Turkey?!

What’s up y’all! I have been extremely busy. Last week I had a great recording session with my boy Lyrics One. We had a full day of recording and we got a lot finished. We have been hard at work on our collabertive project called Sound Portrait! I am really excited about this record and can’t wait to start mixing it! We should have some snippets of the album and video footage up real soon. We still have a little more recording to do but the majority of it is done and will hopefully be released this year! Amongst working my fulltime job, maintaining my family time as a husband and father and working on music, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving! I (personally) need to be more thankful and greatful for all that God the father has done for me through his son Jesus! Thank you Lord for using me! On a side note, I uploaded some new beats too, so please stop by the “beats ” section and check them out over the holiday weekend. Have great weekend and be greatful to the great I AM!

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