New Music coming soon!

What’s up family?  I hope everyone is enjoying Sound Portrait!  If you still have not downloaded it here is the link…#SoundPortrait, best of all its FREE!  Let us know what you think?!  Also, check out my boy Lyrics One’s Music Monday posts from the last month or so here on his soundcloud page- more free music for your enjoyment!  He has been grinding it out in preparation for his next project a mixtape called Paint Drops. Keep checking his soundcloud and facebook pages for more info on his new music.  For those of you who are new to the site, here are some links to my pages with my past releases… My collab/ instrumental album STAGES from 2010 (free DL) and my soundcloud page with beats for sale/ free and other collab’s I have done.  I have been doing a lot of mixing and engineering as of late (still keeping my chops up).  I look forward to releasing some new music this year too!  Stay tuned and keep checking back for exclusives and goodies in the months to come.  You can follow me on twitter and facebook.  Drop me a line and say what up.  Stay blessed fam!

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